St. Joseph Gagalangin Tondo


As a member of MAPSA (Manila Archdiocesan parochial Schools Associations) St. Joseph School, Gagalangin, would like to express its concern and dedication to provide quality education.

          It is our desire to give our students the spiritual formation, mental discipline, skills and competence they need to cope with a fast-changing world as well a strong commitment to their fellowmen and to sustainable national development. Young as they are we would like to inculcate in them the love for work and prayers by going to St. Joseph "Ite Ad Joseph".

          We would like to offer the best for your child by our newly adopted Personalized Education program in the Pre-School that would be suitable to the needs and culture of your child through the different learning centers of interest in Reading, Language, Science, Math, Writing, Arts like drawing and paintings.

          We are on the first come first serve basis with limited number of students per class in the Nursery, Kinder I and Kinder II so they can be followed up closely.


  1. Age
    1. Nursery - must be (4) three years old by June of the coming school year.
    2. Kinder - must be (5) five years old by June of the coming school year.
    3. Grade One - applicant must be (6) years old by June of the coming school year.

  2. New Applicants
    1. First year applicants must have a General Average of 80% and above and should be of good moral character.
    2. Satisfactory remarks on the Recommendation Form from the Adviser or the Principal of the school last attended.
    3. The applicant should successfully pass the qualifying examination.
    4. No transferees are accepted with failing marks in any subject in the final rating.
    5. The Presence of parents or a direct guardian is needed for new applicants.
    6. No re-admission of students withdrawn due to disciplinary measures.
    7. Students who have transferred to another school and desire to come back are treated a new student.
    8. A letter of arrangement will be signed by the parent/guardian if the applicant is placed under Academic Probation.
    9. Those who passed the Entrance Examination, a reservation fee of 1,000.00 Php. Will be paid at the Accounting Office and is not refundable but will be deducted from the total enrolment fees.
    10. Failure to pay the reservation fee two (2) weeks after the acceptance, the students will be disqualified for enrolment and the school will consider new qualified applicants.
    11. Tuition fees may be paid in cash basis, monthly, quarterly semester basis.
    12. Those who passed the entrance examination should enroll weeks after payment of reservation fee.
    13. Those who cannot meet the scheduled deadline for enrolment are requested to notify the Principal in writing and should be given before the scheduled deadline. No request will be entertained after the deadline.
    14. All accounts should be settled at the Accounting Office only.

  • Requirements

  1. Nursery, Kinder, Kinder II & Grade 1
    1. Two(2) 2" x 2" recent ID colored pictures
    2. Birth Certificate (Two(2) photocopy & original)
    3. Baptismal Certificate ( Two(2) photocopy & original)

  2. First Year & Transferees
    1. Two (2) 2" x 2" recent ID colored pictures
    2. Birth Certificate ( Two(2) photocopy & original)
    3. Baptismal Certificate ( Two(2) photocopy & original)
    4. Report Card duly signed by the Principal (photocopy & original)
    5. Certificate of Good Moral Character.
    6. (For high school students only) Recommendation form to be filled up by the adviser or Principal of the school last attended.

  • Application / Enrolment Procedure

  1. Step 1 - Submission of Requirements
    1. Secure all requirements and present to the guidance office for evaluation
    2. Fill up the application form, after which the Examination permit will be issued.
    3. Proceed to the Accounting Office and pay-testing fee of 270.00 Php. (non-refundable)

  2. Step 2 - Examination Day
    1. Come on time on the day of examination. Bring your permit and present it to the Guidance Office.
    2. After the written examination wait for the schedule of interview to be given by the Guidance Staff.

  3. Step 3 - Interview/Enrollment
    1. Come with your parent/guardian on the day of interview and present your permit at the Guidance Office, Upon acceptance, fill up all the necessary forms.
    2. Secure a Reservation slip from the Guidance Office, and pay to Accounting office the amount 1,000.00 Php. (to be deducted from the enrollment fees.)
    3. Come back on your scheduled date of enrolment with your original report card, reservation slip, and official receipt.

Valedictorians Will be given 100% and Salutatorians 50% discounts on Tuition Fees from Public Schools