St. Joseph School offers the following scholarships and discounts:

     1. 100% discount full scholarship for Valedictorian/First Honors from any public and private schools.
     2. 50% discount scholarship for Salutatorians/Second Honors from any public and private schools.
     3. 25% discount scholarship for Third Honors from any public and private schools.
     4. 5% discount on tuition fees is given for those who will enroll early (Applicable for CASH payment only)
     5. Family discount on TUITION FEES is given to families with more than two (2) children enrolled at St. Joseph School.

Education Service Contracting(ESC) is a government assistance given to deserving elementary graduates from public and private schools. The scholarship grant covers the four years of Secondary Education. The amount of subsidy shall be Php 13,000.00 per grantee for the entire school year.

SHS Voucher Program:

DepEd developed the Senior High School Voucher Program (SHS VP), a program of financial assistance wherein subsidies in the form of vouchers are provided to qualified Senior High School learners in participating private or non-DepEd public Senior High School.
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With the voucher program the following tuition fee are the following:
    • Public: 5,000.00
    • Private: 9,500.00 (Under ESC or apply for voucher)